Home News Deji vs Jake Paul vs AEson Gib boxing match

Deji vs Jake Paul vs AEson Gib boxing match

  • Written by Jayneel
  • Submitted by Aditya
  • 4 December, 2019

Deji vs Jake Paul vs Nison Gib boxing match

Nison Gib

Hey,  cheerful Welcome here. I am back with one more interesting YouTube news. Recently, boxing match had ended between KSI vs Logan Paul. And now again started one more drama. Read below to know this matter in depth.

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic which is a boxing match by YouTubers, so there was a match between Jake Paul and Nison Gib in which Deji an international YouTuber stated that Jake Paul needs rematch from Gib. Jake Paul sent a letter to Deji for a challenge to boxing fight but he refuses to fight as people want to see GIBS VS PAUL more and many YouTubers like KSI thinks that Paul is being scared of GIBS that’s why he’s challenging other YouTubers. 

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