Hey,  cheerful Welcome here. I am back with one bad YouTube news. 

Rapper Juice WRLD is no more between us. He was a great raper. There were 3.59M subscribers on his youtube channel. Total 63 videos uploaded by him on his Youtube channel. His age was just 21. Could you believe this?

I know you cannot. similarly, there are many YouTubers and his fans are in very shock and many YouTubers like a ninja, Alissa Violet, Faze Banks tweeted regarding this matter. many YouTubers shared their memories on Twitter.


passing from a seizure… I loved his music and he was my most listened to artist in 2019. I’m heartbroken, my love goes out to his family and loved ones. Too soon man.


the literal only person in the world who understood me is gone. I don’t know how the fuck to feel right now #RIPJUICEWRLD

literally, the only music that has gotten me through past the last two years

@FaZe Banks

 I love you brother. Watching you come up was special. We lost the best one today. Rest In Peace player