Ranu Mondal full story, makeup incident, selfie incident wanted to know

What’s up YouTube lovers, we’re here again presenting you another big story. So if you want to know the full story of Ranu Mandal, stay in touch.

The story started a few months ago when cool and Gujju singer Mr. Himesh Reshammiya found this unique, soft, soothing and soul peacing voice on a Railway Station.
And he found Mrs. Ranu Mandal who was singing on a railway station and singing to earn some pennies for survival. Her voice is soothing but at that time only passersby were listening and now we all know that she’s become the playback singer and recorded two back to back songs with Music Producer and Singer Mr. Himesh Reshammiya.

In deep parts of India even, everyone is recognizing her and her voice. God gifts in his unique way.
She was the beggar, not having enough money to deal with daily survivals and we can see now where’s she standing.
She moved from ground to sky which we can say a stroke of good luck, destiny or a mutual hope. 

Her two playback hits “Teri Meri Kahani” and “Aashiqui 2.0” which is still a youtube hit.


What has happened now? Her memes are sharing everywhere in social media, she’s getting humiliated by taunts of stardom, her make up face was compared with Valak of Conjuring 2 movie.

Ranu Mondal full story, makeup incident, selfie incident wanted to know

Why is this happening?

So it all started when one of Ranu’s fan asked her in an open market for a selfie and autograph by calling her and touching her shoulders which turns into an anxious reply of Ranu to her fan that “how could you touch me?, Don’t you know I’m star now.” So this thing got viral and everyone was hating her, the hatred spread like Swine flu

But as per humanity and modern literacy we should understand that she was not belonging to the prestigious upbringing, she was not taught how to behave in media or with any fan, she was a station singer, she never dreamt that her life would be changed just by one playback song. That’s why her reaction to her fan was unpleasant.

The famous YouTuber Bhuvan Bam also supported her and agreed to the statement that we should understand her and we should respect her as she’s like our mother.

Many celebrities also come to action for support.

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-Written by Jayneel