Hey,  cheerful Welcome here. I am back with one controversy YouTube news.

Jake Paul uploaded a brand new music video on his YouTube channel which was titled “these days“.  And this music video Crossed more than 3 million views and total likes on his music video are 127K and dislike number is 78K. So, by looking at the number figures you can say that what is the response by the viewers on this song.

Jack Paul posted a post on his Instagram account by Promoting his song. And, that is fair enough. But the controversial thing is that on the Instagram post he used the Alissa violet picture for promoting the music video even she is not in the music video nor she agreed to promote Jake Paul’s music video. so, why she is on an Instagram post?

See what Jake Paul captioned on Instagram with below picture

Stream these days on all platforms now (Music video link in bio)

ok, let me tell you the reason behind why Jack Paul went after banks and now posting pictures of Alissa violet on Instagram and all this thing because he madly loves with Alissa violet.

Watch Jake Paul music video below

-Written by Aditya