youtube logoHey,  cheerful Welcome here. I am back with 3 interesting YouTube news. 

The first update is that there was a statement on YouTube that was if your YouTube channel doesn’t work or you don’t get any benefit so channel will be deleted. So people get troubled by this statement. YouTube says this is all stuff. So YouTube clarified the statement that if your channel does not grow or any other issue then your monetization tool will change. Channel will not be deleted only improvement has been done.

The second important news from YouTube is that whatever gaming channels they have been created, they should be aware. Because uploading violent video on YouTube creates a problem, also your gaming channel is caused so YouTube gives warning, it will give you a chance to give warning disclaimer on display before uploading the violent gaming video. Otherwise, the community guidelines will be applicable.

The third update from our YouTube is that the people who put more stories on YouTube are getting their subscribers quickly increasing as compare to those who upload only video, not stories. So YouTube says, upload more stories then video, Then you will see good results in terms of increased subscribers.

-Written by Jayneel