Hey, I am very happy that you came on this page to know who we are and what we wanted? No worry! I’ll tell you everything. First of all, I wanted to explain to you that what theyoutubenew.com is.

Basically, theyoutubenews.com is a news media platform. But, wait. This is not a news media website which covers any news related to politics, or any business or related to any country or any incident which takes place anywhere.

Now, you might have a question in your mind that then what kind of the news media website is this?

So, Ladies and gentlemen. What kind of news media website is this that you can easily understand by its name. theyoutubenews.com itself gives a clue that YouTube News. Yet, you might have go 80 percent knowledge about us. However, left 20 percent we’ll let you know.

theyoutubenews.com is a media website that is not run by an individual rather it is controlled and at the same time run by a group. we cover every single highlighted news related to YouTube. You might have seen many websites which cover all kinds of news. But, our 1st and last priority is YouTube.

As we know, YouTube is one of the giant video sharing platform. Which is used by billions of people and millions of people use YouTube on a daily basis.

Millions of people shares videos on YouTube. Many incidents take place on YouTube. So, for that, we have created theyoutubenews.com where we cover every single highlighted news related to YouTube.

If you have read the above lines up to here, then you have now 100 percent information regarding us. Still, if you any query or anything which you wanted to acknowledge then let us know. You can contact us by filling the form of contact.