Home Creator YouTuber slammed for Soaking Up Pool Water With 1 Million Paper Towels

YouTuber slammed for Soaking Up Pool Water With 1 Million Paper Towels

YouTuber slammed for Soaking Up Pool Water With 1 Million Paper Towels

Today, we will tell you about a YouTuber who slammed for Soaking Up Pool Water With 1 Million Paper Towels.

As we know, YouTube has become important for most people. You cannot find a person who doesn’t use YouTube. Moreover, YouTube is a platform where anyone can post whatever a channel creator wants.

This is the era, where people attempt various peculiar as well as stranger things to get captured in the public eye or say, the viewer. furthermore, this is the ONE OF reason when people go and do the crazy kinds of stuff.

However, doing crazy kinds of stuff sometimes makes the hype among the people. which results in gaining social media attraction and following as well.

Let’s come to the point,

There is a YouTuber named Tyler Oliveira who has over 602k subscribers so far on YouTube.
His channel name is also “Tyler Oliveira“.

Most of the videos are based on the challenges and almost all the videos have gained traffic and engagement in millions.

Tyler Oliveira uploaded a video a couple of days back, which was titled “Can 1,000,000 Paper Towels Absorb A Swimming Pool?

So far video has got over 300k views, 11k likes and over 7k dislikes. By comparing the likes and dislikes ratio. You can say that what people think about that video.

In the video, he said “We’re destroying these paper towel rolls right now. We’re still barely making a dent into this moist swimming pool.”

Unsurprisingly, the paper towels failed to absorb the entire pool, and instead, the water levels went down by a trifling inch.


As a result of all this, he had to bear the scenario which he created by the video. Many viewers showed their opinion about that video with the help of the comment section.

One viewer wrote:-

Mr beast: Plant 20 million tress.

Tyler oliveira: uses 1 million of them to soak his pool

Jamie Williams

Another one wrote:-

Australia’s burning

tyler: how many towels will it take to absorb a pool

Mohamed Al-Shurafa

Third-person wrote:-

This is literally a crime against all humanity


The fourth one wrote:-

Talk about pollution and waste

Gavin McCinnes’ Cousin

By defending himself, Tyler said that he had the option to discard his chaos effectively. He further included that the paper towels ‘existed freely of whether I would have utilized them.’

He wrote:-

These paper towels existed and would have been used at some point in the foreseeable future. But yes, perhaps, I had a micro impact on the demand for paper towels throughout the entire paper towel industry. Who knows?

Tyler Oliveira

By protecting himself and from not coming in the bad book of the people. He stated that he deserves the criticism, and for correcting himself what he did he donated $1000 to the Australian Red Cross organisation

Tyler Oliveira wrote in the description box:-

Hey guys! To be honest, this video was a really bad idea. I was caught up in the idea of making a banger and I didn’t really consider the net consequence on the world around me, and that’s pretty messed up. Lately, this video has been getting a substantial amount of negative attention on various internet news sources worldwide, and to be honest, I deserve the criticism on this one! Given that this video is receiving so much attention, albeit negative, I wanted to see if we could turn this big negative into a big positive! I’ve donated $1000 to the Australian Red Cross organization, and have created a link below via Facebook Fundraiser where you can donate as well! All proceeds go directly to the Australian Red Cross organization which helps their emergency teams to fight the bushfires we’re currently seeing across NSW, Qld, and SA, and disasters yet to come. Let’s see if we can raise $10,000! Once again, my bad gang. This video was a big fat L.

-Written by Aditya