There are three streamers, who have been signed by YouTube.

If you don’t know about Valkyrae. Then, Let me tell you about Valkyrae. Rachell Hofstetter is better known by her alias Valkyrae. Who is an American video-game streamer. She currently streams on Twitch and posts videos on YouTube, spending the most time playing Fortnite.

Valkyrae has over 823k subscribers on YouTube. She is a twitch streamer. But, she is switching twitch to YouTube for gaming.

On twitter, she twitted an hour before,

I’m so happy to announce that I have signed with YouTube!


You can watch the official video of Valkyrae in which it has been announced. Watch below

The second streamer who has been signed by YouTube is LazarBeam

Lannan Eacott is an Australian streamer, popular as LazerBeam on the internet. LazerBeam has more than 12 million subscribers. He is also being signed by YouTube. However, he did not make any announcement yet on YouTube or other social media account.

The third Streamer who has been signed is Muselk. He is also an Australian YouTube star. He has over 8 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel. There is no announcement by him too for being signed up by YouTube.

From the sources, one news that flew to me is that people who have been signed up by YouTube is going to get about $1 million yearly. According to the YouTube contract. However, it has not been confirmed by YouTube or any star who has been signed up YouTube exclusively.

-Written by Aditya