Hey,  cheerful Welcome here. I am back with one more controversy YouTube news. The “unbox therapy” do you know about this channel. Don’t you? 

Then let me tell you, “unbox therapy” is one of the biggest YouTube channel with over 15.9 million subscribers. Basically, it is a channel on which unboxing stuff happens. As the channel name suggests. 

Coming to the point, The “unbox therapy” Claps back. Yeah, You read correctly. The centered incident happened a couple of days ago. A few days ago, unbox therapy came up with a video on his channel. In that video, he came up with his own phone cases.

But, here is the controversy. Another company was claiming that the design, which he showed in that video was that company. And the company stated that unbox therapy stole his design. The company tweeted on Twitter regarding this.

After this, unbox therapy’s Video which was on the phone case was getting a ton of dislikes and hates about this matter.

But, “unbox therapy” Claps back with a new video. In which he is proving that design was being used by another company before the company that actually complained about it. That is right, unbox therapy proved his innocence in that claps back.

Watch the controversy videos of unbox therapy

– Written by Aditya