PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber, real name Felix Kjellberg. And on youtube, he has more than 102 million subscribers. Pewdiepie channel is 2nd most subscribed channel in the world

After a day, I mean on Dec 18, he uploaded a video on youtube titled “Breaking News: Pewdiepie Has QUIT YouTube“. So why the internet-famous personality and most recognized YouTuber Pewdiepie taking break from social media.

Why pewdiepie left Twitter and now going to take a break from YouTube? Do You want to know? I’ll tell you why he is going to do it. 

In the video which he had uploaded on YouTube. In that, he told him he was “feeling very tired“. He explained that ” He is going to take a break from YouTube next year

Furthermore, he said that he needed to state it ahead of time since he had decided. 

He said, “just so you know, early next year I’ll be away for a little while. I’ll clarify later but I wanted to give a heads up.” A video he uploaded, titled ‘I hate twitter’. In that video he stated, he’s not a fanatic of the manner in which the site rewards ideals flagging and ‘consistent acting’.

He said:, ‘I hate Twitter, I think about deleting all the time.‘

‘What I don’t care for is the patterned posing that goes on there. Individuals just can’t help themselves from calling attention to what is great, and what is awful, and how others are terrible and how you are great. To where it nearly becomes fiction where you fulfill this need.’ 

‘You get remunerated for making statements that cause you to appear to be temperate, instead of following up on it,’ he later included. ‘It clarifies why the site has become such a cesspool of suppositions, and how, as a general rule, those that brag about being ethical regularly through stowing away are definitely not. 

‘There are such a significant number of YouTubers I could get out.’ 

Pewdiepie as he caught in more than a couple of issues– remembering his ongoing remarks for ‘declining to acknowledge’ the idea of social allocation in a video. Pewdiepie stated: ‘Social appointment is one of the ideas I will not acknowledge ever to be a thing. 

‘We ought to have quite recently discarded it out straight. What makes the world wonderful is the way that we can – not take from societies, yet acknowledge different societies. What’s the issue? We’re one country.’ 

Additionally, his poo-themed game called Poopdie which was published on the App store was banned by Apple for ‘being too disgusting’.

Outside of the internet world, he married Marzia Bisognin in August and. This one was uplifting news but, after a few months later, Pewdiepie’s better half Marzia Bisognin shared the news that thieves robbed their home of 90 percent of its valuables at the beginning of December.

By sharing regarding robbery she posted: ‘Our house was broken into and they took 90 percent of my valuables, from my jewelry to luxury good and special items I’ve been collecting over the years,’

Pewdiepie said I am not quitting YouTube forever. I love YouTube. Today, whatever I am just because of YouTube. I have been uploading YouTube videos for 10 years on my channel. I know, I have relied upon YouTube, I didn’t do something besides YouTube. 

Just because of YouTube, I have to plan everything on point, like I fixed 5 days for my honeymoon. I have been consistent for 10 years on YouTube. So, it’s time to take a short break from YouTube.

-Written by Aditya