Hey,  cheerful Welcome here. I have a news about Pewdiepie.

PewdiePie is a Swedish YouTuber, real name Felix Kjellberg. Furthermore, on youtube, he has more than 102 million subscribers. Pewdieie channel is 2nd most subscribed channel in the world. On 16 Dec, Pewdiepie uploaded a video that had the title “I hate Twitter“. In that video, he told that he is going to take a break from social media in January. 

On Twitter Pewdiepie Twitted by showing numerous articles in which had mention that Pewdiepie is officially quitting

Me: I’m taking a break for a little while
News media:

And some hours later, Pewdiepie deleted his official Twitter account. He had more than 19.3 million followers on Twitter. 

Now, if you will try to find Pewdiepie’s Twitter account then you will get a new unofficial account having 29.9k followers. In the bio of the new Twitter account of Pewdiepie is written: “I don’t use Twitter this account is just to prevent fake accounts.

You can watch Pewdiepie’s video in which he told “I hate Twitter”

-Written by Aditya