Hey,  cheerful Welcome here. I am back with one more controversy YouTube news.

Mr beast robbed. Yes, you read correctly because there was a streamy award. At the streamy award, the category came up for the creator of the year. Obviously, think to whom it should go. Of course, Mr beast because he makes super crazy and the best content on his channel.

 But guess what, the creator of the Year award gone to Tana Mongeau. seriously, how this happened, no issue or personal problem with the Tana Mongeau.

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But, she won the content of the Year award and there is nothing like she did not make great content. Of course, she does so and that is why she has more than 5 million subscribers.

But Mr beast did not win the content of the Year award how this award has gone Tana Mongeau was the award on the basis of the numbers. If you will compare the number figure then, of course, this one was supposed to go Mr beast.

As Mr beast has more subscriber then Tana Mongeau. Mr beast videos have more watch time than her, after all, this figure how did she win. I don’t have any idea. Do you have? let me know in the comment section. Because I wanted to know. Anyway, again not an issue with Tana Mongeau for winning the content of the year award. She won one of the big awards. So, congratulations to her. 

-Written by Aditya