YouTube Superstar Mr. Beast once again caught the internet eyes. Because of one more crazy video. If you don’t know who is Mr. Beast. Then let me give you a brief idea about him.

Mr. Beast is a hardcore Youtuber, Mr. Beast, upholds more than 29.4 Million Subscribers on YouTube so far. He is a great content creator as well as a Philanthropist. Most of his videos catch attention on the Internet.

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On February 1, 2020, he uploaded a video on YouTube which was titled ” I Gave My Credit Card To Random People” in that video he picked some people and then gave his own credit card to make purchase whatever they like.

But, he used to say people “there is a condition for using my credit card. There is a limit to my credit card. you can make a purchase of anything but, if you cross the limit then you’ll have to return all purchase which you will make.”

However, Mr beast told the views of the video that there is no limit of using a credit card. People can use the credit card to fulfill their unlimited wants.

So, that’s how Mr beast started his game. At the begging of the video Mr beast spot a couple, who were making a purchase. Mr beast gives them a credit card to do shopping. At first, Mr beast asks the couple that what they think about the limit of credit card? Couple guessed $200.

Source: Mr. Beast YouTube video

A couple gets a ton of things like DSLR ($800), IPAD ($330) and much more stuff. And that time come when Couple had to make payment through Credit Card. They did shopping of $5915.47. As soon, They insert the card into the machine, the payment was proved. A couple shocked and one of the companions got emotional after the payment.

The second purchaser makes payment of $3,494.90 through credit card.

Source: Mr. Beast YouTube video

The third purchaser was a boy who bought many shoes and cloth. And the total amount which he purchased was $5,013.94.

Source: Mr. Beast YouTube video

The fourth was one more couple who purchases painting and the total amount of painting he purchased was $ 15,786.87.

Source: Mr. Beast YouTube video

The Fifth was a person Donaldson spotted nearby jewelry store to spend some change. This was the Phase of the emotion in the video, however as it happens, the stranger’s mother is suffering from stage 4 cancer, and he hoped to gift her a few diamonds during her struggle against the disease (Cancer).

Source: Mr. Beast YouTube video

The stranger’s total was considerably below the $10k mark, which the jewelry dealer benevolently marked down, as his own sibling had also been taken by the illness.

However, fifth person purchase came complete with a black diamond necklace and two pinky rings. Total amount in which he was $8,999.99.

“I feel very blessed that I could do something for my mother, and that I could give something to her before she goes,” And that matters to me the most.

he explained
Mr Beast gives limitless credit card to strangers with emotional results
Source: Mr. Beast YouTube video

One people make a total purchase of $4,583. There were more than 3 people made a purchase of over $4,000. This is how his video was last to end. Every time Mr beast uploads a new video on his channel. He changes many lives of people even who Mr. Beast doesn’t know about them. So far he did a lot for strangers. And, more he is going to do by making a new video of YouTube.

-Written by Aditya

You can watch the Mr. Beast video below