Gyaani 2.0 channel back

Hey,  cheerful Welcome here. I am back with one good YouTube news. There is an Indian youtube channel named ”Gyaani 2.0” which was recently hacked anonymously. He announced that matter on his Second channel. 

But, now Gyaani 2.0 channel is back to the owner of the YouTube channel. Channel owner updated to the viewers by uploading a video on his second channel which was regarding hacked channel situation, So in that video, he told how his channel was hacked. Basically, it was the scene of sponsorship mail. 

There was an adviser who asked him to download a software which he was about the feature in his youtube video. But, Afer a few days later, First, his channel logo had been removed. And, he updated about this issue with viewers. 

Again, a few hours later, all his access was removed. He was able to login youtube account. But, not a single video was on his channel. He thought that it could be the youtube gitch. But, Hacker emails him by demanded money for returning Gyanni 2.0 channel.

-Written by Vedansh