A grandpa’s kitchen with a diamond heart is not between us now

Never Forgotten Grandpa's kitchen

A refreshing welcome to this website. Today, I have so heartbreaking news that you wouldn’t refresh. There is a YouTube cooking channel named “Grandpa Kitchen” which has over 6.1 million subscribers and had started the channel two years ago.

He cooks the food on a large scale. Grandpa whose real name is Narayana Reddy is not between us. He passed away. Basically, he was doing charity kind of work. He used to help poor children. Often he used to cook food for the poor children and, he fed them. He often used to give various kinds of stuff to the poor children. He was a great man.

We are never prepared to bid farewell everlastingly despite the fact that we realize it is a piece of life. This day our hearts are overwhelming for losing somebody so uncommon, yet as we grieve your demise, we additionally praise your life. Find happiness in the hereafter.

It generally appears as though we have constantly on the planet, just to acknowledge how temporary it truly is. I wish we had more opportunity to accomplish and express the words we put something aside for later which alongside you is gone until the end of time.

You have left a void nobody can fill. They are relatively few on the planet like you and today the earth grieves the loss of a great man. May you Rest in peace

Indeed, even in death you are as yet cherished and everlastingly will be. You have touched the hearts of so many who owe you a lifetime of gratitude. We are not bidding farewell perpetually however farewell for the present.

As tears stream from our eyes with hearts overwhelming with the heaviness of losing you, we will likewise commend your life since you have shown us the genuine significance of living.

You were and are as yet a motivation to all, with a heart that transmitted love and warmth through for our entire lives. You will genuinely be missed and perpetually recalled.

I got some pictures of him. Let’s have a look

Giving stuff to children
Source: YouTube
Giving bags to children
Source: YouTube

Grandpa kitchen” YouTube channel is yet in existence and run by his family member. We are supposed to support the Grandpa Kitchen channel as they are doing great work for our society.

Check out the “Grandpa Kitchen” YouTube channel by clicking on Grandpa Kitchen. You can show your support on Patreon.

Watch the last video of Narayana Reddy.

-Written by Aditya