Hey,  cheerful Welcome here. I am back with one more controversy YouTube news.

As we know, YouTube has changed the privacy and policies and came out with new terms of service and it caused everybody to be up in arms angry.
The CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki come up with the statement.

Susan Wojcicki tweeted

@YouTube, we take it very seriously when creators share Stories about harassment. Today we announced an update to our harassment policy that will help make YouTube a better place for everyone.

After this new term of service came out and suddenly, some videos started getting deleted and taken down from youtube and some of the biggest ones were a video from “content cop-Leafy” 

idubbbz tweeted 

“download your favourite bullying videos from YouTube before YouTube takes them down”

He got community guidelines to notice that his video is going to be removed and that is why he tweeted on twitter.

Now, Those people who are affected by YouTube’s new terms of service. They are not getting strikes because when they are made those videos they fall under the YouTube guidelines but YouTube goes through the videos and just taking them down and this is crazy.

Because “content cop-Leafy” video was literally on the trending page. I mean it was a huge video and but, now it’s gone from youtube.

Another video that was taken down was a video titled “the end of h33“. I cannot say the actual title of those demonic eyes but this video was the number one exposed video on h3h3, This video was on youtube from almost a year ago, but now this video is completely removed.

Remember what Susan Wojcicki stated above about the YouTube harassment policy.

Well, here is the thing, CEO Susan Wojcicki did have a lovely chat with h33. As you can see in the below picture.

so did h33 complain about him being harassed with that video and that is why the exposed video was taken down. which was made on him.