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CouRage announced that he is shifting to YouTube from Twitch

Today’s news is related to a game streamer “CouRage”. He is famous youtuber with over 1.91 million subscribers. We all know the guest and steamer exchange and shifting between Twitch

Jarvis the game streamer was permanently banned from the fortnite

Jarvis the game streamer is permanently banned from the fortnite game since the gaming company got reports from their sources that he’s using hacks in the games

Kurt0411 was banned from competing EA Sports Tournament

The FIFA pro player prominently known as Kurt0411 is banned from EA Sports Tournament since he was talking generally good stuff about the game and different players which was

Mr beast bought lottery ticket of $1,00,000 and got

We are all aware about the hardcore Youtuber Mr. Beast with the uphold of more than 25 Million Subscribers on YouTube.

See the list of the people who have planted maximum trees

e have the list of the people's names who have planted the maximum number of trees to save our earth. Must take a look at the list. Elon musk comes on 2nd.

A grandpa’s kitchen with a diamond heart is not between us now

It is really heartbreaking beacuse grandpa's kitchen with a diamond heart is not between us. He had over 6 million subscribers on YouTube.

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