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PewDiePie left Twitter and now, taking a break from YouTube

PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber, real name Felix Kjellberg. And on youtube, he has more than 102 million subscribers.

Pewdiepie deleted his twitter account, had 19.3 million followers

Pewdiepie uploaded a video that had the title “I hate Twitter“. In that video, he told that he is going to take a break from social media in January.

The “unbox therapy” Claps back with a new

The “unbox therapy” Claps back. Yeah, You read correct. The centered incident happened a couple days ago. Few days ago, unbox therapy came up with a video on his channel

Ninja (fortnight streamer) is about to make history

there were a Video Game Awards just a couple nights ago. And ninja went there.

Mr beast robbed, YouTube’s the creator of the year gone to

At the streamy award, the category came up for the creator of the year. the creator of the Year award gone to Tana Mongeau.

Controversy of youtube new harassment policy

As we know, YouTube has changed the privacy and policies and came out with new terms of service and it caused everybody to be up in arms angry.

Jack paul new music video “these days”out and it’s controversy

Jake Paul uploaded a brand new music video on his YouTube channel which was titled “these days“. And this music video Crossed more than 3 million views and total likes on his music video is 127K and dislikes number is 78K.

Youtube: A stronger stance against threats and personal attacks

YouTube consistently has been centered around those content which expressly threaten someone or reveal someone’s confidential information. In the past time,

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